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2011-10-26 09:05 am
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Merlin, Season 4 thus far:

After watching "The Darkest Day pt 2", I made this:

stop giving him advice gaius

And then after that, I realized that no review I could ever give of any Merlin episode would be as accurate as this gif.
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2011-10-02 08:35 pm

Merlin 4.01 Reaction post

As with always, it starts out serious and devolves into all caps.

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2010-12-17 10:17 pm
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Vid: A Million Ways to be Cruel, Merlin ( aka A Million Ebil Faces of Morgana)

So remember when I posted about how excited i was to be making this mysterious hilarious vid? And I used a lot of these: "______"? Well, this is that vid.

Title: A Million Ways To Be Cruel
Length: 02:43
Spoilers: Season 3
Character(s): Morgana, Morgana's Evil Face
Summary: Morgana is evil, can't you tell? LOOK AT HER FACE. That's like, a million faces of evil!

MU link: 593 MB
MU link smaller version: 9.17MB
Streaming Link: Youtube

reeeaaallly long author's notes explanation below cut )
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2010-11-29 11:04 pm
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A vid I am making and not telling you about lalalalalala

I am making a vid. I really shouldn't be, but I am. I will tell you it is Merlin, and it is to a band I keep finding myself vidding, and it is about....SOMETHING. Something that has driven us Merlin fans up the wall because it's SO OVERUSED and I want to tell you what it is but then it will be easily imagined and aufoiseieuhgile omg it's just awesomely fun to wade through footage looking for those shots of ______ doing _____ like ____ doesn't realize ___ is doing _____ and then LOLing at my screen when those shots appear, like, five times in one _____.

It will be done by the end of this month! I will work on it tomorrow, after i have my cavity filled.