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So I am getting my VVC post-show vid posts ready so I don't have to rely on the hotel's wifi to upload my vids, so I can just click "make public" (SEE? I AM LEARNING). And I have some questions:

1) Which format would you like to be able to download my vids in: WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, other: _____
2) Would you want a high-quality d/l, low file size (compromised quality), or a link for both?
3) Would you like the d/l links to be on my LJ/DW or would you be okay if I just put them in the Ao3 entry?
4)I'll be posting streaming links to both vimeo and youtube. Which would you want me to embed in the Ao3 entry?
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Since it's hard for me to keep track of all the d/l links I plaster all over the internets, I'm confining them to my Archive account. I prefer comments there, as well.


Title: Most Beautiful Girl in the Room a LKBV
Fandom, pairing: Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers; Tony/Steve
Artist, Song: "Most Beautiful Girl In The Room" Flight of the Conchords
Length: 04:23
Download Links: On AO3.
Vimeo embed below cut, pass is 'awkward' )

Title: We R Who We R
Fandom: Lost Girl + Sherlock
Artist, Song: "We R Who We R" Ke$ha
Length: )3:24
Download Links: On AO3.
Vimeo embed below cut, password is 'hipsters' )

Club Vivid

Title: A Little More Action (Movies)
Fandom: Action Movie Heroines
Artist, Song: "A Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit)" Elvis vs JXL
Length: 03:31
Download Links: On AO3.
Sources: Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, Mr and Mrs Smith, Serenity, Tank Girl, Thor, Suckerpunch, Wanted, Avengers, Iron Man 2, Underworld, Red: Werewolf Hunter, Hunger Games
vimeo embed, password is 'badass' )


Title: We Are Were
Theme: Transformation
Fandom: Werewolf Movies
Artist, Song: "Monsters" Electric President
Length: 04:33
Download Links: On AO3.
Sources: The Wolfman (2010), Underworld (2003), Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010), Cursed (2005), Blood and Chocolate (2007), Skinwalkers (2006), Little Red Riding Hood (2009)
vimeo embed below cut, password is 'werewolves' )

Nearly New

Title: Shake It Out
Fandom, character: Once Upon A Time; Regina Mills
Artist, Song: "Shake It Out" Florence + The Machine
Length: 04:22
Download Links: On AO3.
Vimeo embed below cut, password is 'daniel' )


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