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Ok, this was my first speedbump along the way to proper vidding. I had a vid at Premiers at VVC my first year that had different aspect ratios per source, and therefore had border flickering and overlay issues and basically got torn to shreds in review.

And afterwards, [personal profile] thingswithwings cornered me and showed me how to correct aspect ratio in my Sony Vegas software.

And it was all good! Everything was better!

And then I got Adobe Premiere CS4. And everything changed.

I've been pretty great at adjusting aspect ratio thus far. But I seemed to have encountered a problem. I used anydvdhd to rip 3 blu-rays of the 4 I'm using at 1280x720, 1920x1080, and one at 720x480 (i don't know how that one happened). And the regular dvd's at 720x480 widescreen.

Ugh. I am so close to finishing this vid I can TASTE IT. But the aspect ratio! My nemesis!

And it's not like I can just re-rip the blurays...my trial period has expired. and I don't have $80 to purchase it.

What software I have:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe Media Encoder CS4
DVD Decoder

Help me! Please!?

ETA: fixed it! googled way too much and figured out how to make handbrake do what I want. And then when I imported it, it was all IMMA GONNA MAKE THE PREVIEW SCREEN GREEN AND REFUSE TO PLAY and also it said the source was at 90000 fps, which, ha, no. And i just used the whole 'right-click footage -> interpret footage -> adjust frame rate' and SHEBANG. it was done.

I say this in case anyone ever googles this problem so they can find out how I overcame my frustration and save themselves at least an hour of frantic searching.


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