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I'm headed to vivid con next week! I'll actually be hitting up Chicago Tuesday for 2 reasons: 1) I have some friends who live there that I only ever see one convention a year, and 2) GISHWHES.

I'm trying not to think about all the things I have to do before I'm ready to go. Like finish packing, find a bag that is the right size to be a personal item carry-on on Virgin Airlines that will fit my laptop and accoutrements in it, make sure the clothes I want to wear get washed on time, make sure I have enough moneys in my accounts to cover travel expenses, get to know my GISHWHES team, ET CETERA.

Comment if you're going to VVC WHAT WHAT!

And now for something completely different )
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I'm all about the gif memes on Tumblr, but I totes forgot about the fic memes on LJ. HI PEOPLE *words echo around an empty room* WHAT FEW ARE LEFT.

FIRST LINES MEME (first lines of each of my fics)

(1) It's after they're safe, safe (the word unfamiliar in John's mouth, discordant), in the back of the ambulance, warm red shock blankets wrapped around their shoulders.

(2) When he comes to visit her in the hospital, for what feels like the first and possibly last time, her smile lights up the room.

(3) In Arthur's dying breath, Merlin feels the world stop.

(4) “Say it,” Castiel says, his voice echoing across an empty room, across Dean like the shadow of his wings, extending outward.

(5) At night, they tell the stories of the Gods, offer prayers to their protectors- long dead, alive in memory and tale and lesson.

(6) The day the strange blue police box appears on Atlantis' west pier is the same day they find out the Wraith are three days away, with hive ships numbering in the tens.

(7) Their first trip back on earth, since...well, you know, was a little strained.

(8) Across the street from Rodney's apartment building is Atlantis, the local independent record store.

(9) When Rodney told John what he intended to do, that he intended to let the Wraith feed on him to save his sister, something sharp and hollow thudded in John's chest.

(10) Jillian May Sheppard used to sit on her windowsill and dream.

(11) It starts out as a dream, a fragment of something.

(12) When Sheppard comes out from behind the curtain, McKay can actually feel his brain die, just a little bit.

(13) It's nine years later, or maybe more or maybe less, but time stops and goes in landslides and jerking stops for Harry Potter, ever since the War ended.

(14) John drives up the winding mountain road, windows down a crack.

(15) Ronon sees everything broken.

(16) It was a complete surprise, though it shouldn't have been, when John picked up the Ancient Device and Something Bad Happened.

(17) The world is diffused with blue and gold, honey-sweet and timeless.

(18) Severus Snape orders his coffee black.

(19) He couldn't understand it.

(20) “Major?” Rodney's voice, taut with excitement, and Sheppard can feel it, feels his energy like static electricity jumping over the radio connection.

(21) Some job, some client, one level deep on the floor of the museum, and it's the. Fucking. Mona. Lisa.
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My friends and I are planning a get-together tonight in which we get completely smashed and then read each other's old fanfics and giggle into oblivion.

"Oh, hey," I said, "I have a Black Books fanfic, too." (I remembered because I was talking about Black Books with a friend recently).

"WHAT?" my friend makes an 0_o face. "I don't remember seeing that on your fanfiction page! (we had talked about this once before with our old fanfiction.net profiles).

And then I realized: a lot of my old fics never got moved from my LJ to AO3. Including the Black Books fic.

So I went and uploaded it all, as well as edited a few I had already added to reflect the Collections/Challenges I had done them for.
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Everyone's doing it, and I am so totes a sheep.

Episode reviews: 11
Fanfic: 4
Memes I took part in: 2
Vids I made: 7
Book reviews: 1
Movie reviews: 1
Music reviews: 1

Eventful things:
moved all my fics to AO3!
Had vids premier at Vividcon!
Discovered Sherlock!
Started watching Haven!
Took part in Festivids!
I made a youtube video about taxes and voting
Gave up and watched first episode of Hawaii Five-Oh
Got a couple thousand words into my Original Fic!

Fandoms I got all up in:
*Old Spice

If you find any comment-fics I've posted, let me know so I can add them to my journal.

IN SUMMARY: I made a lot of vids. VVC lit a fire under me two years ago and after I got that new laptop and that software it was a losing battle. I haven't written nearly enough fanfic; it feels like I'm drifting far away from my passions. The only reason I wrote so many episode reviews is because I kept a notepad near my computer while watching Season 3 of Merlin.

Also most of the memes I've participated (this year, ALL) didn't get any comments. Guys? Are you out there?


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