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Details: Basically I don't want to see the kind of vid a 9 year old with Windows Movie Maker and a penchant for slow motion shots would make...My standards are a little high for vids about specific people. And Geof is cute, dryly sarcastic, and really just adorbs.

Details: This is one of my favorite shows. I love how it straddles the line between realistic and just fucking weird. I love Bernard and his faces. Manny and his physicality. Fran and her similarities to many of my weird lush friends.
When I say "Show me how weird this show is," what I'm half saying is, "Help me convince people how amazing this thing is," and half "Anything you do I will love because I love this show so much."

Details: My details section pretty much covers it. I love the play on irony, so if you can find any (English) song about how awesome someone's life is or all the fun things that happen, or how the sun shines and everything is pretty and life is great yada yada yada and combine it with the rapidly escalating terrible shit that happens to Harry...Fuck yes. I want to get to the end of this vid and think, "Well. That escalated quickly."

Details: Ok, words cannot describe the strange happy sound I made when I saw this on the request list. I can request this? I have obsessed about this series of movies every since I saw the first one. I want to BE Flynn. I read too much, I memorize stuff, I love to learn...can I also go be a museum-curator-cum-action-hero please? Can this be a job I have? FLYNN IS MY HERO.

Details: I have a thing for unrequited love. When it was revealed that Gordo had a thing for Lizzie, I cried. THEY ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER. Ugh. I wanted to be Gordo's friend forever. I was so upset that they didn't push the boundaries of their friendship.

Details: *screaming* If I could describe my geekery in 2 fandoms, I would say Monty Python and Hitchhiker's Guide. MONTY PYTHON.
Ok, like, major kudos to you for offering this. Because, as an owner of the complete boxset, I know how much footage this is to parse. Like, you win.
As for what sort of vid I want from this fandom...you probably could do anything and I'd be happy. I will say, however, if you do anything involving a) costumes and b) the really weird shit or c) physicality (dancing/jumping about/ridiculous fight scenes) then I will be extra happy.

Details: Ok, so of all my requests, this is really the only one where I'm picky about the music. Ever since I saw this in the theater, there have been 2 things running through my mind. 1) "And his heart grew three sizes that day!" and 2) "Help, I'm Alive" by Metric.
I think this is the perfect song for this movie. And I have tried to vid it and failed and I can only hope you can do it. Help me, Festividder, you're my only hope.
If, however, you also try and fail to make this, I will totally be cool with that, man. If you can only make it a short 30sec-1min vid, I will be happy. If you just can't work with the song at all, I will accept back-up songs like the aforementioned How the Grinch Stole Christmas reference, or anything that really showcases R because I love him and his awkwardness. Try to stay away from spooky shit, though, the boneys scared the crap out of me.
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