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I'm headed to vivid con next week! I'll actually be hitting up Chicago Tuesday for 2 reasons: 1) I have some friends who live there that I only ever see one convention a year, and 2) GISHWHES.

I'm trying not to think about all the things I have to do before I'm ready to go. Like finish packing, find a bag that is the right size to be a personal item carry-on on Virgin Airlines that will fit my laptop and accoutrements in it, make sure the clothes I want to wear get washed on time, make sure I have enough moneys in my accounts to cover travel expenses, get to know my GISHWHES team, ET CETERA.

Comment if you're going to VVC WHAT WHAT!

AO3 Stats Meme


M/M (30)
Gen (21)
F/M (13)
Multi (6)
Other (4)
F/F (2)

Yeah. I'm unsure what the "other" and the "f/f" is, as I can't remember writing either of those categories. Huh.


Stargate Atlantis (31)
Harry Potter (7)
Merlin (5)
Supernatural (4)
Sherlock (3)
House, M.D. (2)
Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms (1)
Old Spice Commercials (1)
Once Upon A Time (1)

I don't know if a lot of these count, as I usually post my vids on Ao3, too. And the Fairy Tales and Old Spice ones are a gift!fic and comment fic, respectively. But you can tell I was way heavily into SGA while it was on the air. Yeah.


John Sheppard (28)
Rodney McKay (26)
Elizabeth Weir (5)
Teyla Emmagan (5)
Radek Zelenka (4)
Ronon Dex (4)
John Watson (2)
Sherlock Holmes (2)
Sam Carter (2)
Remus Lupin (2)

Huh. Okay. I get the Sheppard one, I mean, come on. John Fucking Sheppard. And McKay, because you can't have John without Rodney or SGA without Rodney. But the rest is a little shocking. Only 2 Sherlocks? Only Remus of Harry Potter? Not even my fave characters.


Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (22)
Lily Evans/James Potter (2)
Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (2)
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (2)
Remus Lupin/Lily Evans Potter (1)
Huntsman/Snow White's Mother (1)
Prince/Princess (1)
Sam Winchester/OFC (1)
Daniel/Evil Queen | Regina Mills (1)
Dean Winchester/OFC (1)

Seems Legit. Though the Dean/OFC and Sam/OFC occur in the same chick, where Dean's is a fairy, I am okay with this.

Additional Tags

Fanvids (13)
Fairy Tale Elements (3)
Crack (3)
Embedded Video (2)
Video Format: WMV (2)
Dream Sex (2)
Community: SGA Flashfic (2)
AU (2)
Age Regression/De-Aging (1)
Fairy Tale Retellings (1)

Yeah. I love fairy tales, dream sex, AUs, and Crack.

Most Hits, Most Comments, Bookmarked, Most Kudos

Most Hits: Cinderella Merlin (Arthur/Merlin)

Most Comments and Most Kudos: Lost Girl, A Character Introduction (my 2011 premiering vid)

Bookmarked: All We've Gained is Craving Palms (Haven, Audrey/Nathan)

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