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Oh wow did Scandal in Bulgravia break my soul. In a good way. In a funny way. In a "omg please just stop trying to make the audience guess at Sherlock's sexuality. omg. i need to vid this to Flight of the Conchords."

So I did.

Now, side tangent: I got a new laptop! Yay! But it has no vidding software on it! Boo! Well, that's a lie. It has Windows Movie Maker. Which was my first program. I don't know if you know, but it sucks. The edition I had back in the day crashed every new clip i added. This one is a bit improved but it drops clips like crazy. I had to add a clip, wait for it to load, click save, close the program, open the program, click "save movie" in order to get a preview. BUT I DID IT. I HAD A GREAT IDEA AND I USED A SHITTY PROGRAM BECAUSE I COULDN'T HOLD THE VID IN ANYMORE!

Here it is, a silly little slightly-LKBV homage to Sherlock's flux sexuality.

Title: What You're In To
Music: Flight of the Conchords
Footage: Sherlock (BBC)
Genre, Characters: Humour; Sherlock, John, Irene
Spoilers: Up to Season 2 Episode 2 (Hounds of Baskerville).
Summary: If you want me to, I will take off all my clothes for you, I will take off all my clothes for you, if that's what you're in to...

DL link: WMV, 18.92MB, 01:40 Sendspace


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